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**  Athletes are required to be ready to play at least 30        minutes before their scheduled match.


Athletes failing to report on court for their match within 10 minutes of the match being announced will be defaulted. No additional warm up time will be allotted for players arriving late.   **


U12 BS (C)

U13 BS 

U12 GS (C)

U13 GS 

U15 BS 

U15 BD

U17 BS 

Adult Team

U12 Double (C)

U13 GD

U13 BD

恭喜Matt学生获得boy double&single-Bronze medal


2019/20 安省赛季又开始了。第一站比赛就打得不错的成绩,伯乐俱乐部为你们感到骄傲。接下来还有好多比赛我们再接再厉,继续取得更好的成绩。
Matt - u13 boy double finalist, single semi final
Kyle - u15 boy double champion, single and mix finalist
Mason- u15 boy double champion
Louis- u13 boy double conso champion

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